What occurs assuming the item gets harmed in the transportation cycle?

We will deal with you the entire way through. Tragically this occurs every once in a while and there’s not much we can do to forestall it. We in all actuality do bundle our machines with Styrofoam and twofold walled cardboard to forestall harm yet mishaps will in any case occur. Just let us in on the harms as quickly as time permits and we will facilitate with the transportation transporter and either discount your cash or give a substitution machine or parts depending on the situation.

How much cash could I at any point make from my vending machine?

Likewise with each business, the main thing which will make you or break you is area. There are a ton of factors which will factor into benefit. Assuming that you visit our blog, you can track down numerous extraordinary tips to assist you with prevailing in your Vending machine business. Notwithstanding, as “Distributing Merchants”, we don’t project overall revenues. You should call the costly distributing establishments to get this data.

What amount of time does it require before I will accept my vending machine?

The renovated machines in general and the greater part of the new machines will transport out inside 1-2 work days. Some may every so often require as long as about fourteen days in the event that they should be extraordinary arranged. Then, at that point, it takes the transportation transporter roughly 3-5 work days to convey the machine contingent upon where you reside. On the off chance that you really want a scramble for the request, we will give our all to oblige your solicitation. Call us and we can offer you a more unambiguous response in view of your need.

Will you set-up my machine for me?

Our standard curbside shipping will get the machine right to your doorstep, but the carrier will NOT bring it inside or install it for you. If you want the machine brought inside the building, we can offer an inside delivery for an extra charge. We also have an optional White Glove delivery service which will bring the machine inside the building to the spot where it needs to be placed, unpack it, and haul away the packaging. After that, we can walk you through the final set-up process over the phone.

What kind of Technical support do you give on your vending machines?

We offer a long period of free technical support on each candy machine we sell. Whether you’ve had your machine for one day or 10 years, we will assist you with investigating it via telephone, through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime as well.

What type of Payments do you take?

We acknowledge all major internet based versatile installment, Zelle, PayPal, and Money Application over our solid site. On the off chance that you like to do a buy request and send crypto, we acknowledge that as well, and it will work with the transportation cycle.

Might I at any point set aside cash assuming I get my machine myself?

Indeed, to orchestrate your own transportation, we will defer the delivery costs.

For what reason are your machines so reasonable contrasted with different organizations?

We highly esteem giving our clients the greatest value for their money. Since we purchase direct from the assembling and get them in mass, we get better rates which we can go to you. We likewise have repaired machines which were previously owned, and after we renovate them in-house, they look almost new and capability impeccably.

Do you find locations for the vending machines?

No, we don’t track down areas for candy machines. We are completely a candy machine wholesaler. Our specialty is selling top notch candy machines to our clients at reasonable costs. We let different experts center around the finding part. We get you the best machine at an astounding cost. It will transport to your entryway and we provide you with a long period of free technical support. You can do a Google look for ‘distributing finders’ and call around to find the person who will serve you best.

Could you at any point store the machines until an area is gotten?

Indeed, we currently offer free stockpiling on the entirety of our machine for a restricted measure of time. Call us for subtleties on your circumstance.

Do you ship right to the location?

We will deliver it any place you really want it transported in the Mainland U.S., whether that is your home, stockpiling unit, or direct to the area. Our transportation will get it to the doorstep. Assuming you really want it brought inside and set up there would be an additional charge for that.

Do you Price Match?

Indeed, assuming you find another organization that is offering similar machine as us with a similar guarantee and administration bundle at a superior cost, let us know and we will beat their cost. We endeavor hard to give the greatest bang to your buck and need to keep this standing.

Do your Machines include Inventory Tracking Software?

Indeed, assuming you find another organization that is offering similar machine as us with a similar guarantee and administration bundle at a superior cost, let us know and we will beat their cost. We endeavor hard to give the greatest bang to your buck and need to keep this standing.

Should I buy a new or refurbished vending machine?

To address this inquiry, you should ask yourself the amount you can bear and what your solace level is. For example, on the off chance that you purchase another candy machine, it will accompany a one year guarantee and a long period of Free Technical support. That provides you with a more prominent timeframe to sort things out with your machine. New machines ordinarily last longer than revamped machines.

In the event that you buy a used candy machine you can be guaranteed it has been completely looked at. We renovate these machines in our shop. All our renovated machines get a 34 point review where we test the cooling unit, cash units, circuit sheets, wires, every one of the engines, locks, hooks, Drove screens, and significantly more. These restored machines likewise accompany a long period of free technical support and a multi month guarantee. Large numbers of our renovated machines will really be new yet will have a minor imperfection or scratch which is the reason we characterize them as repaired. In the event that you need explicit data on your restored machine before you get it, you can reach us and we’d be glad to send you photographs or let you know how much use it has had.

What kind of Guarantee do you give on your candy machines?

Each of our new machines accompany a one year guarantee which covers all pieces of the machine. Every one of our used or repaired machines accompany a multi month guarantee from the time you get the machine. The best part is that when you purchase from The Candy machine Providers, you get a long period of specialized help for your machines. We likewise have a huge stock of parts which are accessible, would it be a good idea for you really want them. Defacement isn’t covered by our guarantee, tragically.

Do you have other vending parts that aren’t listed on your website?

Indeed! There are an excessive number of parts to show them generally on our site or in this little reaction. Go ahead and email us about the particular parts that you might be needing. In the event that we have them or can get them, we will make a custom request for you.

Do I get a discount for purchasing multiple machines?

Indeed, we esteem your business and realize that you need the most ideal arrangement. On the off chance that you purchase beyond what one machine, we can offer you a rebate on the machines. The more you purchase, the more prominent the rebate we can propose too.

You sell great machines, but do you know how to operate a vending machine business?

Totally! Working a candy machine business is something we know a ton about. We began in 2007 by buying utilized distributing courses and we have gradually developed from that point. At Candy machine Providers, we see every one of the features of the candy machine business. There are numerous different organizations that can give you help as you fabricate your business and we are know about a significant number. We have a huge swath of information and we are glad to impart that information to our unwavering clients. Simply email or call with your inquiries and we’ll be eager to assist!